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“The brilliant H shape harness! Discovery of the H shape harness for my childs car seat changed my car trips forever! She can no longer take her arms out of the straps and I no longer have to drive stressed worrying about her safety! I searched everywhere for a product like this and this is the only one on the market. Designed by a clever mom!”

Kim du Preez

“It is perfect she can’t escape anymore its a massive help”


Top product for parents!

“I recently bought the Seat Belt Buckle from safe2go and instantly saw the benefits. Now my daughter cannot get out of her car seat and I can drive my car without worrying! And it looks pretty too. I would recommend this product.”


Quality Product from safe2go

“Can’t recommend the seat belt harness enough, it looks good, it’s made of quality material, and best of all, my child can’t free his arms or climb out his seats anymore. This product does exactly what is says and more.”