safe2go is a relatively new company, established by a business and financial professional now turned entrepreneur, this company aims to provide high quality products that are designed to ensure the safety and comfort of children while they travel.

As a parent to a young child have you ever been in the situation where you have been driving, trying to concentrate on the road, you happen to glance over at your child only to find they have managed to free both arms and are no long secured safely in their seat? Or worse, has your child ever managed to unbuckle themselves completely from the seat and begin roaming around the car, messing with everything?

safe2go baby car seat buckle coverThe founder of safe2go, Theresa Hamman, found herself in this exact position, driving along her son released his car seat buckle and climbed out of his car seat. Immediately seeing the dangers of this Theresa set her mind to develop some products to eradicate this problem or parents once and for all, and from this she developed two unique and high quality designs.

The first product Theresa Hamman has designed is a ‘Y’ shaped baby care seat buckle cover, designed to be fitted over the seat belt buckle to cover it completely, ensuring children are no longer able to unbuckle themselves and have a party in the back seat. This design is made using a special internal clip that only adults are able to unfasten, giving you as a parent peace of mind that your child cannot escape.

The second product Theresa has developed is a ‘H’ shaped car seat harness, this product is designed to be fitted over the straps of a car seat, holding the straps together slightly and closing the gap between them, to make sure that children are no longer able to pull their arms through the straps of their car seat, effectively releasing them from their car seat and reducing the safety of driving with a young child. This is also developed using a special clip on system that children would find incredibly difficult to remove.

Being a mother herself, Theresa knew that these designs didn’t just need to serve a purpose, they also needed to be colourful and attractive to children, while also being made of the highest quality material ensuring additional comfort when driving. All clips and studs used in the making of this product are SABS approved, so you can rest assured that only the best and safest parts have been used in the making of these products.

The future of safe2go looks bright, with more products in the design process, safe2go is quickly becoming a leader in providing quality products to ensure safe travel with young children.