Protect-your-child-from-unbluckling-the-car-seat-buckleOne of the biggest problems and concerns parents face when traveling in the car with their child is the idea that their child is unbuckling the car seat buckle. This is something that has happened to pretty much every parent at some point, and it is one of the scariest things that can happen, especially if you are traveling a high speeds and there is nowhere to stop.

The point of a car seat is to keep your child safe, to make sure they are secure in the event of a car accident. Obviously if they are able to release themselves from their car seat they are no longer secure and could potentially get injured just from being unsecured in a moving vehicle, the consequences of an actual accident doesn’t bear thinking about. What’s more is while your child is unsecured, your attention is split between driving and watching your child remains in a safe place and position, making all the more likely an accident will occur.

safe2go saw this as a serious problem, one that needs to be prevented, and this was how the product the ‘Y’ seat belt buckle guard was invented. This fun and innovative design is completely unique and helps to make travelling with children 100% safe. The ‘Y’ seat belt buckle cover is a simple design that fixes onto the car seat and completely covers the buckle. This car seat belt buckle cover is designed with an integrated special fastener that makes it extremely difficult for children to unclip and remove the cover. The cover is also completely washable, adults will have no problem unclipping it, making it perfect for children’s messy hands. All fabric and fastenings are completely child friendly, the studs used on the baby car seat buckle cover are SABS approved. Once you have attached the product to your car seat you can leave it there, you won’t need to remove it again until it needs washing.

Though this product is still relatively new, it is becoming extremely popular, and because of its patented design is it completely unique to safe2go only. Children and adults alike love the ‘Y’ shaped car seat buckle cover, parents because it brings them a peace of mind and children because it is colourful, bright, fun and comfortable.

Don’t take our word for it though, why not order a car seat buckle cover for yourself and see the amazing benefits it brings you as a parent, and enjoy travelling safely with your child and with full peace of mind.

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