This is one of the biggest challenges parents face when they are travelling with their children, even just travelling short distances. Children have a habit of pulling their arms through the straps and releasing them entirely from the car seat. Not only does this make it unsafe particularly in the event of an accident if your child’s arms aren’t secure, but is also means your child could potentially climb out of their car seat entirely, to start playing in the car while you are trying to concentrate on driving.

Too many parents have reported this as a problem, not only do they panic if their child frees their arms, but the parents are distracted while driving, watching their child to ensure they are safe, until there is place to pull over and re-secure the child in their seat. It may be the case that your child has only ever done this once or twice before, and no harm has come from it, however, this doesn’t stop you from worrying that it might happen again and which therefore means you are constantly checking to make sure your little is still secured tightly.

safe2go safe2go have experienced this very same problem, and immediately set to fixing the problem, so that parents are comfortable driving with their children without stressing and knowing that their child is safe. The product safe2go designed to eradicate this problem is called the ‘H’ shaped harness, it is a completely unique and innovative design that is only available for purchase from  safe2go.

This product is designed to prevent children from pulling their arms through the straps, thus releasing them from the car seat.


The ‘H’ shaped car seat harness is fun and easy to use, securing the harness to your car seat is easy, and once you have added it there is no need to remove it unless it requires washing, you can still get your child in and out of the seat just as easily. The product is made from high quality and child friendly material, and the studs that have been used in the making of this product are SABS approved. The product secures in such a way that a child can’t access the release functions, which means your child will not be able to remove the ‘H’ shaped car seat harness, however, parents will be able to remove it. As it is fully machine washable it is ideal for messy children and their sticky little hands.

Though still new, more and more people are choosing to purchase the ‘H’ shaped car seat harness, and are enjoying the benefits of a stress-free journey with their child. To make your journey with your children easier, more relaxing and much more fun, why not order your ‘H’ shaped car seat harness today.

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