About safe2go

safe2go - seat belt buckle cover and car seat harnesssafe2go was founded by Theresa Hamman, an MBA graduate with a successful financial accounting and consulting business, turned entrepreneur. With her strong business mind and passion for accounting, she provides financial services to her growing portfolio of clients.

While driving one day Theresa realised her three year old son, who she thought was safely secured in his car seat, had not only managed to open the buckle car seat, but had also climbed out of it too. Quickly she searched for a safe place to pull over, while her son ran around the back seat of the car. After parking safely and securing her son back into his seat she realised not only how dangerous that could potentially have been, but also how easily young children are able to unbuckle the car seat or take their arms out of their straps. The entrepreneur inside her came out, and from it Safe2Go was born.

safe2go was established with one aim, to make travelling with children safer. Theresa Hamman invested her time into developing two innovative products, a seat belt buckle cover and a car seat harness. These patented products are perfect for anyone travelling with young children, the seat belt buckle cover is designed to prevent children from unbuckling themselves from their car seat, while the car seat harness makes it impossible for children to pull their arms free through the straps. This leaves parents to concentrate on driving, not having to worry their child might have escaped.

Both the seat belt buckle cover and car seat harness were created with safety in mind, and they have been proven to be effective. They are easy to attach to your existing car seat, using a special fastener on the inside making it difficult for children to open, and you only need to take them back off again if you need to wash them. With a soft texture and a colourful design, they are not only safe but pleasing on the eye too.

safe2go is a newly established business with a very promising, exciting future ahead and with more products potentially in the making.