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safe2go is a new and innovative company focusing on keeping toddlers from escaping their car seats and ensuring they are kept as safe as possible, while travelling in their car seat. safe2go understands the problems parents face with toddlers freeing their arms from the shoulder straps of their car seat, or unbuckling themselves entirely from their car seat. safe2go is the solution to the problem we as parents have with our toddlers escaping their car seats while traveling . With two exciting products, a ‘H’shaped baby car seat harness’ to ensure children can’t free their arms, and a ‘Y’ baby car seat belt buckle cover to make sure children can’t access the buckle to release themselves, safe2go is quickly becoming every parents dream.

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Quality Product

“Can’t recommend the seat belt harness enough, it looks good, it’s made of quality material, and best of all, my child can’t free his arms or climb out his seats anymore. This product does exactly what is says and more.”


Top product for parents!

“I recently bought the Seat Belt Buckle from Safe 2 Go and instantly saw the benefits. Now my daughter cannot get out of her car seat and I can drive my car without worrying! And it looks pretty too. I would recommend this product.”


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The Holiday Special Sale

For a limited time only, buy H shaped Harness and Y shaped Buckle Cover at a discount! Don’t miss your chance to save big on these wonderful items. Pay only R370.00 instead of R400.00

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Introduction to safe2go – safe traveling with kids

safe2go is a relatively new company, established by a business and financial professional now turned entrepreneur, this company aims to provide high quality products that are designed to ensure the safety and comfort of children while they travel. As a parent to a...

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