safe2go products

Safe2go-carseat protection productssafe2go has so far developed three unique and innovative products. All of which are aimed at ensuring a safer journey when travelling with children.

These patented products has been designed to look appealing to both adults and children, they are made from a soft material that is machine washable, and they are easy to attach to your car seat. With a special inside latch inside the Y buckle cover to keep the products securely attached, while the H shaped harness has strong studs and children will find it near impossible to escape their car seat now, giving you as a parent, the peace of mind that you can concentrate solely on the road.

‘H’ harness: baby car seat harness:

safe2go’s uniquely developed ‘H’ harness is specially designed to be attached to the straps of any car seat, once it is attached it prevents young children from being able to pull their arms through the straps and freeing themselves. Most children will have freed their arms from their car seat at some point, and whilst it is fun for your child, it surely isn’t for you as a parent as your child is no longer safely secured in their protective car seat. This car seat harness has been made using SABS approved studs making it almost impossible for children to remove the H harness. Using the highest quality materials, this baby car seat harness looks colorful and fun, also t being soft and comfortable. Completely machine washable, adults will find this product easy to remove and clean, and once the harness has been attached to the car seat it can remain there, without being in the way, until you want to remove it and clean it.

‘Y’ shaped baby car seat buckle cover:

This specially designed ‘Y’ shaped baby car seat buckle cover does exactly what it says. It is a unique cover that has been developed to completely cover the buckle of a car seat, thus preventing children from opening the buckle and releasing themselves from their car seat. This baby car seat buckle comes with a special fastener making it extremely difficult for children to unclip and remove the cover. Adults will have no problem unclipping the cover, which is machine washable, making it perfect for our children’s messy little hands. The studs used on the baby car seat buckle cover are SABS approved, ensuring complete safety of your child. The product itself is made from high quality material that is extremely soft and comfortable against the skin, and once you have attached the product to your car seat you can leave it there, you won’t need to take it off again until it needs washing.

‘I’ shaped car seat softener:

The ‘I’ shaped shoulder strap cover is ideal for children using booster seats and adults alike, providing extra comfort when travelling, particularly on long journeys. This cleverly designed seatbelt cover easily attaches over a car seatbelt. It can be placed at any height in front of the chest to suit the user of the product , and is available in a range of designs. The high quality and soft material prevents the car seatbelt from rubbing on the shoulder or neck and causing discomfort, thus giving everyone in the car a more pleasurable and comfortable journey. The product is completely machine washable and is easy to remove, made to the highest standard .This product is sure to feature in your car for a long time. All studs have been SABS approved and are completely safe for children to use.